Why We Work

We work because I have red hair and Justin loves red hair. We work because we were friends first. We work because Justin was determined to make me his and make me realize my own deep feelings about him.
We work because he is the second youngest and I am the oldest, and thus, we have different view points on siblings, family traditions, parenting, etc.
We work because we both are awesome at volleyball and love to play other sports. We work because we’re both geeks and (mostly) don’t judge each other on our geeky passions and splurges.
We work because we both cook–I use recipes and Justin loves to experiment. Some of our favorite evenings have been cooking dinner together.
We work because he’s quiet and I’m loud, but sometimes he’s loud and I’m quiet. He’s realistic and I freak out. We work out because he calms me down from my anxiety and helps me see rational view of things. We work because he’s a realist and I’m a dreamer. He promises he’ll travel with me someday and that gives me hope.
We work because he loves to make me smile and is truly happy when I am truly happy. We work because I brag to people about what an amazing, kind, serving, sincere man my husband is.
We work because I help him put his education in perspective and he councils with me on decisions. We work because I support him in his education and tell him how proud I am of his efforts–and I truly mean that. He supports me in my academic dreams and doesn’t care if I go to grad school and beyond when he doesn’t want to go himself. We work because I am willing to follow him wherever he gets a job.
We work because we’re getting very good at not being sick at the same time, so we can take care of each other. We work because he’s strong and brave with his medical conditions when I stress and worry and try to fawn over him.
We work because we’re both learning patience and trust through each other. We work because we’ve been through some obstacles together in our year and half of marriage and we have been understanding and loving, rather than vindictive and holding a grudge. We work because, although we have tiffs and disagreements, we have never had a full-on fight and plan to keep it that way.
We work because I have always wanted to be a mom and he is acts so wonderful with his nieces, nephews, and my siblings, so I know that he’ll make an excellent father.
We work because I want to be a goo homemaker wife. Justin understand with my rigorous, commuting, full-time job that sometimes I don’t have the time to do so. He understands this and accepts it better than I do sometimes.
We work because we are both stubborn and that stubbornness gets turned around into playfullness and jokes. We work because we are truly and utterly in love with each other, enjoying any activity that we do together.
We work because we truly believe we are meant to be together. We believe, based off what our patriarchal blessings say, that we knew each other in heaven before we came to earth.
We work because we want to work–because we based and centered our marriage on Christ. We not only made covenants to each other, but to Christ to make our eternal marriage the best it can be. We work because we want to raise our children to love our Lord and love each other as we do.
We work because we love each other truly and deeply and know that we will be married not only for all time, but for all eternity and our children will be with us forever as well.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


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