Word of the Year 2018 | Create

2018 World of the Year: Create. Create a life worth living. Create doesn't have to be tactile. You can create opportunities and relationships as well.

I thought I had a word of the year – “present.” It was perfect. I was going to focus on being “present” in my life, present with my kids, present with contentment, etc. But, then a few weeks ago, “create” came to my mind. It seemed absolutely perfect. I want to be able to create actual products this year. But, create can also encompass things I’d list under “present”: create time with my family, create a stronger relationship with Christ, etc.

Last year was hard – hard physically, hard mentally, just hard. This year, I want to come out into the light. I want to be happy with my life. I want to live all aspects of my life. I want to flourish. So, I’m going to create.

2018 World of the Year: Create. Create a life worth living. Create doesn't have to be tactile. You can create opportunities and relationships as well.


Create means to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

Creating requires us to work. It requires us to think. It requires us to be unique. I want that for my life. I want to create a life worth living. I want to make the most of my life this year.

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Create your own happiness.

Happiness doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes work. I have suffered anxiety my entire life and depression the past few years. I choose to be happy this year. I choose to create my attitude. I choose to act and not be acted upon.

Details create the BIG picture.

Hence, the planner. I love planning. I will never give it up. The past four years I’ve had a different planner. I’ve loved all of them, but they were all missing something. I decided to take a leap of faith and start a bullet journal this year. I’m not super creative when it comes to “hand-art”. And, I’m not going to try to be Pinterest-perfect. But, I am going to have all the details in one place this year–my bullet journal.

Creativity is NOT competition. Stay true to you.

Like I said, my bullet journal is not going to be perfect. But, it will cause me to create. I want to work on and build this blog. But, I don’t expect to become famous or earn a lot of money. I want to reopen my Etsy shop, but I won’t worry about how many sales I make or don’t make. I want to create opportunities for my family but I’m not going to worry about making them overly-creative. I’m going to do me and me only.

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2018 World of the Year: Create. Create a life worth living. Create doesn't have to be tactile. You can create opportunities and relationships as well.

You were created to create.

I truly believe this statement. We are literal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, after all. Creating is sacred. I was given talents and I want to work on them. I won’t get any better with graphic design if I don’t try. I won’t get any better at making fun games and cute crafts for my son if I don’t practice. I won’t get any better at my relationships if I don’t try to be unique and creative with them.

Life isn’t about FINDING yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself.

I’ve tried to be introspective many times the past few years. I’ve tried to let things fall into place. That’s not working any more. I need to create myself. I’m going to jump in and live rather than plan, plan, plan.

These are the areas I’m going to work on creating. I created a big mind map in my bullet journal, but I will share with you just some of my overall goals/resolutions for the year.

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Create a happier, healthier me

  • Lose baby weight (upwards of 50 pounds). I realize this may take longer than this year, but I want to work my butt off
  • Run at least four 5Ks
  • Smile more
  • Get dressed up more often
  • Less Pepsi and junk food

Create a closer relationship with God

  • Attend the temple at least once every other month
  • Daily scripture reading
  • Daily prayer
  • Read at least one Deseret Book a month
  • Always attend all three hours of church unless sick

2018 World of the Year: Create. Create a life worth living. Create doesn't have to be tactile. You can create opportunities and relationships as well.

Create a more intimate marriage

  • Go on a date once a month
  • More flirting
  • Less electronics or TV time after kids go to bed
  • More small acts of service

Create adventure

  • Use season passes for SeaQuest and Legoland at Grapevine Mills
  • Discover more restaurants, parks, campgrounds, trails, playgrounds

Create a big savings

  • Work butt off with VIPKID
  • Work down Mazda payments
  • Build up a down-payment for a future house

2018 World of the Year: Create. Create a life worth living. Create doesn't have to be tactile. You can create opportunities and relationships as well.

Create a happy and close family

  • Help Rhys be successful with preschool and speech
  • Get professional family pictures this year
  • More family walks and trips to the park
  • Less TV and more intentional playtime
  • Family Home Evening more often

Create talents

  • Reopen Etsy shop
  • Make at least two prints a month
  • Take an Adobe programs workshop or class
  • Take a photography workshop or class
  • Create rather than use templates

Create a successful blog business

  • Get at least 1000 followers on each social media channel (already there with Pinterest)
  • Create an email list
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Host a swap
  • Create a professional freelancing portfolio
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What or how will you create this year?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • I love “create” as a word for 2018!

  • Morgan Tarpley

    I love how you depicted and illustrated that the word “create” can be so closely related to present. So so true how we have to create the time in our life for the things we want mose! Job well done!

    • Yes! I think there are so many different meanings to create.

  • Joline

    I love the whole idea of having a word for the year. And create is just perfect. This year I will create more opportunities for myself. Enough of waiting for them to come to me!

    • Thanks! It’s so fun and it really directs your year and gives you purpose.

  • Lauren Najar

    I love a lot of elements of this – create is an awesome word. CREATE YOUR JOURNEY is something I want to abide by in 2018!

  • valmg

    The word of the year concept is such an interesting thing. Good luck reaching all of your goals.

  • Sounds like the perfect word for a blogger! I am excited for 2018 and what is ahead

    • I think so to! Hope you succeed in your endeavors this year!

  • Dogvills

    You chose an awesome word! “Create” resonates with me too, being a wife and mom. We are open to every day opportunities to create a happy life for our family. Wishing you all the best this new year.

    • Exactly. Create has a lot tied to the home and family as well as tangible “art”

  • Neely

    Create is a perfect word of the year. I picked balance which I feel like is what I need

    • Balance is a good one too, especially in today’s world.

  • Tonya Wilhelm

    This is great. I’m doing a word a day. 🙂 I love the way you journaled this word and idea out.

  • alexisnichole

    I love your word of choice. I, too, want to create more this year. I’m wishing you a very prosperous year. I hope you create everything you’re aiming for.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I haven’t gotten to choosing a word for the year yet. I am thinking of a word that is doable and beneficial for me, my family and my community. Wishing you all the best this new year. You chose a great word to work on this year!

    • That’s a perfect way to figure out your word of the year!

  • “Creativity isn’t a competition.” I love that statement! Good luck creating a year full of wonderful memories! Happy New Year!

    • I have to remind myself of that often, especially when it comes to reopening my Etsy shop!

  • This is so awesome! I love what the word create represents for you this, too. The first year that I ever chose a word for my year it was create. I looked at it from a purely creative standpoint. I wanted to create stories and paintings. I still have the sign I made to remind myself of my word on my door. 🙂

  • Ria Abesamis

    I love the organization of your goals! It makes it appear much more attainable by breaking it down in that way. Baby steps to big goals! Like yoiur 4 5k goal! I’m totally taking tips from your suggestions! Thanks!

    • Yes! Baby steps! The small details create the big picture!

  • Vy Robles

    Love this – especially love the point about “do me and me only.” That’s definitely the route we all need to take because that’s where some of the most fulfilling aspects of life lies. Thank you for sharing!

    • Exactly. Focus on me. Not what other families look like and not what other creative people are making and selling.

  • Sarah

    Our local Christian radio suggested instead of a New Year’s Resolution you should pick one word that will define your year and I love yours! You have laid it out well and I wish you good luck. Now I just need to pick my word 😊

  • Mila

    I love that you said Creativity is not a competition. it’s so true. Everyone has their own capacity and ability to be creative.

  • Kate Payne

    Create is such a great word to use for 2018 since you can do so much good with it. Lots of luck to you on your goals for the year I’m sure you will accomplish great things in 2018!

  • Sina Keeley

    I intentionally set a “word for the year” too! Mine is “Lagom”, but I love “create” too! I thinking being creative is important to cultivate self improvement and growth!

    • I actually had to look up Lagom…it’s kind of like contentment and moderation. I like that idea.

  • I love the word you’ve chosen! One thing I love about blogging is it gives me an excuse to create. I may steal your word for myself!

    • Exactly. That’s one of my favorite parts of blogging.

  • Oh, I love your word focus for 2018. I have recently owned up to the idea that I am creative.

  • OurCookery Com

    Create is a wonderful word. I have my word for 2018…it’s “Engage”. Setting time aside to think creatively is a huge step in feeding the soul.

  • I love this word for you for this year! Creation is such an important part of my life–I’ve really realized in recent years how important it is to my health and balance. I love that you have both a word as a theme and specific goals for how to apply it in different areas.

    • And you did such an awesome job of it last year…creating homeschool/preschool curriculum, creating a children’s story, creating memories and adventures, …… creating a BABY!!!!! 😉 😉 😉

  • Love how you picked the word “create” for 2018! That’s a great word to focus on! It’s also awesome how the word create can be used in many different ways– create time for family, create talents, etc. Love it!

    • Thanks! I think it’s perfect to encompass many aspects of life.

  • Tamara Goyette

    I just heard this year about picking one word. I love it!

  • Kari Koehler

    Since you mentioned learning more about Adobe products and photography- have you looked into Lynda.com? A lot of public library systems have free access to their classes with your library card and they’re good quality courses. Might be a good low cost way to learn more.