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Spring has finally arrived here in Utah! True, we had a crazy wind storm of 60+ mph winds and 40* weather, but the sun is back and it is in the 70s*! Hallelujah says both me and Rhys. He absolutely loves playing outside, and could spend the whole day in the backyard if allowed. I am just happy to be busting out the sunglasses, short sleeves, and capris! By the way, Mormon friends…anyone know of some good, inexpensive modest shorts that don’t go half-way down my shins?

Tulle skirt and pink wings.

Today, I am linking up with Deidre  for another round of How We Wore It. Our inspiration comes from Elevate Everyday.

Elevate Everyday

I immediately knew what outfit to wear for this…looking at the skirt reminded me of my bridesmaid’s dress. It is the same color, texture, pattern! However, that’s for my sister’s wedding in mid-June!

So, instead, I went with the only pastel pink (I have one dark pink cardigan) I own! I’ve absolutely loved owning this skirt, but it’s getting really tight around my waist…it hasn’t really fit comfortably since before I gave birth to Rhys. It might be time to retire it…

Tulle skirt and pink wings.

Currently, I am…

Celebrating | My first blog design! I have been working as a virtual assistant for Run Pink Run Happy‘s owner for a few months, and she wanted me to help her redesign her blog, as well as switch hosts and switch from a WordPress Multisite to an independent WP self-hosted site! I’m so proud of my work! Check it out!

Reading | The Devil in Vienna by Doris Orgel and Born to Treason by E. B. Wheeler. They are both historical fictions. The first one is about two friends who were split because one was a Jew and the other was forced into Hitler’s Youth by her family. The other is about a Welsh Catholic during the religious turmoils in England during the beginning of the Protestant regime.

Pondering | How to balance life: blogging, virtual assisting, reading, wifery, mothering. The scriptures and the Gospel of our Savior and how I fit into it…I’ve been having trouble again lately…it’s hard. Why Rhys’s oral language skills aren’t developing more.

Tulle skirt and pink wings!

Sipping | a whole heck of a lot of water!

Going | Nowhere….yet…But, in two weeks, I’ll be going on a girl’s weekend to St. George! I’m super excited about it because it is the first time I have ever done that!

Tulle skirt and pink wings!

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Tulle skirt and pink wings!
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  1. Your outfit is great! I love that skirt!
    Both your books sound so good! I’m adding them to the list of must-reads.
    And a girls weekend away? Sounds like the best time ever!

  2. So… I’m not Mormon BUT I’m still going to answer your question. 😉 I get my shorts at Old Navy. They have shorts of various length but these are my favorite because they’re long enough to hide my thighs but short enough that I don’t feel like a grandma. 😉 I don’t know what modest shorts necessarily look like in Mormon circles, though, so don’t judge me if they’re still too short. 😉 They have shorts that are 5″ too if that suits better. (These are 3.5″)

    1. Thanks Susannah! I will have to check out Old Navy…but the ones you showed are too short. I wear the Mormon “underwear” and those come down to about an inch above my knees….that’s why it’s so hard to find shorts rather than capris or basketball shorts!! 😅

  3. Check out ThredUp! They list the inseam length and sometimes you can get a fantastic deal! I also have loved Kohls, the Apt. 9 brand has had some great shorts of various lengths. Finding balance is my biggest struggle. There is so much I want to do and so much that needs to be done but sometimes 24 hours doesn’t quite seem like enough!

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